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What parents say about using Neuro Reflex Therapy

Parents Home Training - Temprana Reflex Therapy, Slovenia

Jana talks about how she got her whole family on board to practice Temprana Neuro Reflex Therapy on her daughter at home.

Parents Home Training - Temprana Reflex Therapy, Denmark

21-year-old Gregers improved speech and had great results with scoliosis caused by spasticity thanks to Temprana Neuro Reflex Therapy.

Parents Home Training - Temprana Reflex Therapy, Poland

Brain Injury and Coma Rehabilitation: Kostek’sparents talk about how Temprana Neuro Reflex Therapy helped their child.

Parents Home Training - Temprana Reflex Therapy, Oman

5-year-old Omer had consequences after encephalitis and retrained speech, comprehension, and motor functions while decreasing the number of epilepsy seizures with Temprana Neuro Reflex Therapy.

Parents Home Training - Temprana Reflex Therapy, Oman PI

Three siblings with different muscular dysfunctions and autism improve their mobility and overall health conditions withTemprana Reflex Therapy.

Parents Home Training - Temprana Reflex Therapy, Oman PII

Follow up on the results observed on the three siblings with different muscular dysfunctions and autism in Oman.

What children say about using Neuro Reflex Therapy

AKEEM, 6 years old / UK

During the first treatment, he told us he could see colors and thought he was lying in a field. He eagerly looks forward to each treatment. When asked how he thought the treatment is helping him in school he said he thinks he's able to concentrate better, feels calmer, and hasn't had any letters sent home or been put on the report since starting the sessions.

JOSH, 8 years old / UK

Josh needed a few sessions to build up trust and confidence in us but now he understands the routine he looks forward to his session each week. There is a big difference in how he responds to the treatment. He now lays completely still and doesn't speak for the full 25 minutes and when we discuss how he feels at the end of the treatment he is much more controlled in his conversation and is much less manic about things. He's also sleeping better at home.

TOM, 6 years old / UK

Tom would like to have the treatment every day! He says he feels much calmer since he's started and feels less inclined to want to run and charge about the place. He says his mum has noticed a difference in him. He's sleeping much better than before.

What mothers feel and write after using Neuro Reflex Therapy


HELLE, Denmark
Johan and Jesper’s mother

The greatest challenge when dealing with my two boys' disabilities was that I could never be left alone with them, and I always relied on my husband’s or a helper’s assistance.

Today, I was alone with the boys for the first time. Jesper came home at 1 p.m. and I did Temprana stimulation on him. Then we picked up Johan at his school and when we came back home the boys were sat to play together (yes you read right!). When I had to do Temprana stimulation on Johan, Jesper was able to play alone with water at the sink. Later that day, I cooked dinner with Jesper’s help, while Johan played video games.

We had dinner together and we had a lovely time.

This was the first time I had a normal family situation alone in my home with both my sons.

After dinner, Jesper had a shower, while Johan continued to play games by himself, and I was ready to put both children to bed when my husband came home. It has been a most pleasant and enjoyable day.

The best thing is that the boys now can play together without constant supervision.

So much progress has happened with both boys, but perhaps most visibly with Jesper, who must know everything that happens around him.

Jesper is much more able to bear his weight when walking and even though he still needs me to support him for the most part, he has been able to go to the toilet a couple of times alone and get in and out of the car - this has helped his confidence a lot but also my back pain!

Both of the physiotherapists that work with Jesper regularly can see big changes in his ability to move.

I am so grateful for Lone, who has spent so much time of her life developing Neuro Reflex Therapy Home Training... I cannot describe it with words - for they are not enough ... but I feel we have learned a GREAT tool to improve the boys’ well-being and our family life.


ELISA, Denmark
John Patrick’s mother

John Patrick is a happy 10-year-old. He was born with the Q18 genetic disorder.

John Patrick's birth was long and problematic. After many hours of difficult labor, it was necessary to deliver him by an emergency Caesarean section. It was immediately apparent to the doctors who delivered him that something was wrong with him. The subsequent prolonged hospital stay was difficult for me and John Patrick.

To keep him alive, it was necessary to place John Patrick in an incubator. Unfortunately, from the monitoring equipment, he received terrible bums on his hands and feet. After some time, we were told by the doctors that John Patrick had a rare genetic disorder.

The only real prognosis we were told was that his life expectancy would be short. They told us that the genetic disorder which John Patrick had, amongst other things, would cause his inner organs to be deformed.

The doctors also informed us that his learning abilities would be low and their evaluation was not very encouraging. The prognosis of John Patrick living in a vegetative state for the rest of his life was a daunting prospect.

John Patrick was then subjected to a wide range of examinations which eliminated, amongst other things, the previously predicted deformity of his inner organs. The examinations also determined, more precisely, the nature of his condition. From the beginning, things did not look good for John Patrick. He was a fragile child who needed a lot of care and attention. During the following years, we were gradually able to see and define many of John Patrick s impairments.

We were unable to make eye contact with him. We noticed when we picked him up from daycare he did not seem to recognize us, and we later discovered that it was because his eyesight was bad. John Patrick was unable to see us because he had only 20 percent visibility. His hearing was impaired, and he had fluid in his ears. He lacked muscle tone, had problems with his balance and his feet were crooked. John Patrick had asthma and a lot of intestinal problems, amongst others.

I did everything possible to 'train' him. I was inspired by reading different books about learning and play techniques and massage for children.

The main problem was that most of those books were designed for 'normal' children, but I persevered and massaged and trained John Patrick as well as possibly. I even got some positive results too. Amongst other things, he learned to walk, keep his balance, eat by himself and play structurally. There were still a lot of other things that I didn’t know to help him with. A couple of those areas that I didn’t know very much about were how to teach him social skills and fantasy play.

My main obstacle in training and helping John Patrick was the apparent lack of availability of qualified help or advice, so I was forced to search for the necessary tools and methods myself and try to apply them as best I could. Imagine my disappointment and frustration when it didn't work.

When John Patrick was 5 years old I met Lone Sorensen. I had been encouraged to take part in one of the courses she was running for parents of handicapped children. This was the first time that I had ever met a person who not only understood what I was going through but also knew and understood a lot about disabilities. I must admit that I was skeptical at first; I remember wondering, “Can so little stimulation have such a big effect?”

I had, after all, struggled with massage, physical training, games, and many other types of physically demanding activities. I was well aware of how much effort was needed just to achieve a little result. Here was a person who was telling me that by using only one and a half hours of stimulation a day, I would see obvious results after a very short time. At the same time, I just couldn't help but trust Lone - she gave me new hope, she made me feel that I was no longer alone in my efforts to stimulate and improve the life of my son. Following the parent course, I began to stimulate John Patrick with a type of pressure stimulation called Temporary Reflex stimulation.

John Patrick enjoyed it, and we both found that it was very pleasant to stimulate his face, hands, and feet; we, very quickly built up a closer relationship.

Sometimes when one problem disappeared or showed improvement another previously present, but unknown one would appear and demand attention. This meant that Lone needed to constantly modify the treatment program to keep up with developments - this illustrates the high level of support and encouragement that I have received from Lone.

I have now been using Temprana stimulation, a combination of face, foot, and hand neuro- reflex therapy reflexology on John Patrick for 5 years and the many positive results that we have achieved have vastly improved my son's quality of life.

Here is a list of the most remarkable ones:
His hearing has improved so much that he no longer needs a hearing aid.
He no longer suffers from asthma.
His intestinal problems are greatly improved.
His vision is now within normal parameters and he has good visual memory (it was only 20 percent before!).
He plays computer games and has a high level of concentration.
His social abilities have improved from being virtually non-existent. Now he seeks to play and contact adults and other children.
He has a well-developed sense of humor and likes to tease others (especially adults).
He has strong self-will and can express it.
His general physical health has improved enormously.
He has shown great improvement in his abilities with everyday tasks such as; eating/drinking, dressing/undressing, and helping with everyday tasks such as clearing up after himself.

I have no illusions about John Patrick s abilities. I am acutely aware that he will never be what is regarded as a 100 percent normally functioning boy, but the improvement in his quality of life and his ability to function has improved.

When I look at him today I see a boy who is living and exploring his life. Generally, he has a happy and harmonic nature but sometimes does have a temper when he doesn't get his way.

Lone Sorensen has given me an invaluable tool. Using Temprana Home Training stimulation I will continue to make it possible to improve my son’s life.